Friday, June 24, 2016

11 months old....and off to California!

Just a day after school, we packed our bags and jetted to California.  We had a wonderful time with family and friends.  The boys enjoyed getting spoiled by family and swimming in the California sunshine!  We also went to Legoland and the boys experienced their FIRST roller coaster ride.  It was hard to say goodbye but the fun continued when we got home as Dale's family came for a visit.  The boys got to go on a little road trip, swim at hotel swimming pools and spend a day at the beach.  Summer may have just begun but we have had a summer worth of fun already! 

I also started graduated school and have so far loved all my classes (both online and in person) and am enjoying diving into learning.  In between classes, we are swimming, playing at the park, and spending time with friends! 

Quinn is also now walking! They may be baby steps but he is so proud of his accomplishment and claps everytime!  He still has no teeth, but that doesn't interfere with his ability to eat--he is a garbage disposal!  Quinn is still loving bananas and salmon!

We will celebrate Quinn's bday next Thursday with a little family celebration.....I can't believe he is almost 1! 

 On the plane!

 So glad Gigi flew with us....Quinn didn't want to sit still!

 By the water :)

 Spending time my college friend, Lauren and her 10 month old, Aliyah

 Quinn's first trip to the ocean....he was fearless!

 The blueberry pie was a delicious and messy treat!

 He learned a new face....#ducklips

 Fun day at Mother's Beach!
 We left Quinn at home with Gigi and went to Legoland!

 The boys first roller coaster.....Clark was not a fan!!! Lol! 
But he loved them by the end of the day!

 My knights in shining armor :)

 Breakfast at Schooner or Later

 Papa came for a swim too :)

 Saying goodbye to some awesome great-grandparents

 Brazos River flooding from the sky

More flood pictures from the sky

 Beach day in Galveston--the boys loved it!

Quinn is fearless in the water....oh boy!

 Dale's dad, Dale, step-mom, Angela, and sister, Karly

 Fun at the zoo!
 We got drenched on our weekly hike!
We went to Sheldon State Park.

 Space Center on Father's Day

 We've been skyping with Papa daily because he is sick in the hospital. :(

Walking boy!!!!

10 months old

Time is flying by! The end of the school year was hectic and crazy but we made it! Here is a look at what we did!

 Superhero day at school!

 Quinn got his first haircut!

 Celebrated 10 months old by standing!

 Hiking at the Houston Arboretum

 Hiking at the Houston Arboretum

 Graduated from Kindergarten!

 Graduated from Prek!

Teacher appreciation night at the Astros game!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

9 months old!

I am officially very bad at posting updates on everyone.  With 3 kids and a full-time job, I hardly ever have time to sit down.  But, alas, Quinn is 9 months old and its overdue for an update.  We had a wonderful Easter with my aunt and uncle.  We also spent a lot of time in our backyard, looking for the lizards and frogs, especially after the floods!

So what happened this month?

  • Kannon lost his first tooth! And then lost another the next day!
  • I had strep throat, twice!
  • We had our first night without the boys.  Kannon and Clark went to my aunts and Quinn went to my moms so Dale and I could attend the Parker School Auction
  • We had lots of date nights, well spent playing trivia at our favorite place!
  • We had the historic "Tax Day" Flooding. We were stuck for a few hours, but thankfully no water in he house.
  • Dale's best friend from Seattle came to visit! 
  • We also fostered some chicks for the weekend and had a blast playing with them!
  • We walked 1 mile to school one morning, just for fun.
  • Quinn had his 9 month appointment and is growing great, he is in the 50th percentile for both height and weight!
42 weeks in, 42 weeks out

 Walk to School Day

 Jarred came to visit

 Flooding :(


 My favorite chick, Seraphina

 Japan Festival

 Zoo Trip

 Date morning...hike!

 Quinn came to school!
 Lost tooth!